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Have a doctor's appointment and need transportation assistance? Need a travel companion for your next trip? We travel with you in-person if you request it. Worldwide & Nationwide Travel & Transportation Assistance

We have been nominated and won Best Businesses of Washington D.C. two years in a row in the travel services category. 

We seek to provide you elite and timely transportation as per your request.

We have a 99% retention rate on returning clients.

Our values are based on professionalism, integrity, safety and respect.

Travel People in Need LLC assists people nationwide with travel and transportation assistance.

Local With a Nationwide and Global Touch.


Travel People in Need assists people to and from their doctor's appointments. Book us today at 877-453-1807. Our sister company, Travel Assistance LLC, shares the same website with us and is tailored towards our major corporate clients.  

Our Services

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Travel People In Need LLC

Travel People in Need LLC seeks to assist people of all ages, backgrounds and unique needs. Children might need to be supervised and taken to doctors appointments. Adults might need a company to assist them from certain medical procedures and drive them back home safely. Some people just need a travel companion or a personal travel assistant. We understand that each client is different, and so we seek to tailor our services based on individualized needs. Some of our corporate clients have included and still include medical clinics, large insurance companies, law firms, hospitals, and large organizations. Travel People in Need LLC services the larger Washington D.C. area and we also seek to accomodate requests that involve being a flight companion nationwide and worldwide. Some of our services rendered include:

Private and personalized travel assistance for people of all ages and needs

Transportation assistance for senior citizens, the elderly and disabled travelers

Travel companion services for everyone of all ages and backgrounds

A nationwide provider of travel assistance and transportation assistance

Call us today at 877-453-1807 or send us an email for a request for a quote to:


Private travel assistance and private ground transportation assistance services for everyone. Have a medical appointment and don't want to travel alone? Want to go on a vacation but are wheelchair bound? We are an award-winning Travel Assistance Company. Call Travel People in Need today.

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Travel Assistance LLC

Travel Assistance LLC is a nationwide provider of travel assistance. Travel Asssistance LLC is your #1 Flight companions company. Clients range from law firms to professionals that need business or corporate travel assistants that travel with them to meetings nationwide. We offer elite and time-effective solutions based on individual requests for assistance. Travel Assistance LLC is an award-winning travel assistance company and we are a nationwide provider to corporate clients, families & children who need a flight companion or a travel assistant. We offer professional travel companions, business and corporate travel assistance, as well as personalized & individual travel assistance. If you look at our drop-down menu, you can see the range of services offered with regards to specific travel needs. Excellent reputation and excellent references are available upon request to ensure that you or your family receives the top travel assistance needed for your travels.  Here is a list of examples of Travel Assistance LLC's offerings. 

Families and children who need travel assistance

Business and corporate travel assistants that travel with you to your meetings

Personalized and individual travel assistance

Professional flight travel companions




Let Us Assist You With Your Travel Needs.

Locally. Nationwide. Worldwide.

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Corporate & Business Travel Assistance

Corporate and business travel assistance company? Yes, that's only one part of Travel Assistance LLC's offerings. So many millions of people travel for business around the world on a daily basis, and if the majority had an assistant with them to take care of the stressful or time-consuming tasks, people would not only feel better about traveling, but they'd actually be able to concentrate more effectively on their efforts and their jobs/tasks at hand. Travel Assistance LLC is a nationwide provider of business travel assistants and we seek to keep winning awards for our company. We understand that business travel assistants are in high demand and we can tailor fit an assistant to you and for your professional needs. Send us a direct request today for a business travel assistant quote to: travel@assistancewithtravel.com 

Travel Assistance LLC offers excellent Travel Assistance Management Solutions to businesses and corporations worldwide. Some of our clients and portfolio includes large organizations in the Greater Washington D.C. area as well as law firms in Washington D.C. 

Let Us Assist You With Your Travel Needs.

Locally. Nationwide. Worldwide.

Call us today at our HQ located in Washington D.C. at 877-453-1807 for your unique travel assistance needs. We are available on a 24-hour notice and we will do everything we can to accommodate your special requests.

Call Us: 877-453-1807

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