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We fly with you in-person

Flight & Travel Assistance

We offer travel assistance services to people who travel and request it. Call us today to discuss your travel companion needs. 

Case Sample 1:

Business people who want a private travel assistant to take care of tasks such as coordination of ground transportation assistance at final location and tend to different tasks at the final location, pertaining to the travel assistance required to make the trip as hassle-free as possible. 

Case Sample 2:

Visually impaired people who require a flight companion or a travel assistant to ensure safe travels. 

Case Sample 3:

Travel companion services for senior citizens and the elderly such as holiday travel companion services. 

Case Sample 4:

Travel Companion services for those who are wheelchair bound individuals and want to go on holiday. 

Case Sample 5:

Children who require supervision while traveling long distance such as to summer camp or special family vacations or events. 

Travel assistant services and stress-free travel go hand-in-hand.
In addition, our staff is certified and trained in AED/CPR/Family First Aid training. 
We have 24 hour emergency air travel assistance throughout the entire USA. You can count on us. Whether you or your loved ones need assistance with air or ground transportation assistance, we are there to help you. We will make your trip worry-free and get you or your loved ones to your final destination in a safe manner. Let us help you or your loved one to travel safely with our travel companion services that provides private ground transportation assistance and drivers the whole way. We help and assist people of all ages, and we are able to serve as an air travel companion. 

We are available on a 24-hour notice and we will do everything we can to accommodate your special requests.

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