Appointment Assistance

grandma worried about how to get around on her own

When people we care about need our assistance, we don’t hesitate to help them, even if it means sacrificing our time. But sometimes such assistance requires time off from work or missing important activities of our own. When this is the case, Travel People In Need is here to help.


Using Appointment Assistance to Help Get Things Done

Wheelchair access can be difficult to find, and crowds can be difficult to maneuver through alone. Our staff offers appointment assistance to give confidence and support to those who need help. We can assist with anything from doctor’s appointments, to running errands in order to allow family members the autonomy to do what they need to do.


Using Appointment Assistance to Ensure No One Misses an Appointment

Most doctor’s appointments are scheduled during the day, when family care takers may be at work or dealing with appointments of their own. Often elderly parents or family members feel guilty asking their family to sacrifice their time. With Travel People in need, anyone that needs assistance can get the help that they need without having to feeling guilty or too dependent.


Here at Travel People in Need we are available all day to assist with any appointment. Our trained professionals will arrive at the doorstep on the date and time requested; we will take care of everything to provide both the person in need of assistance and the caretaker ease of mind.  


I scheduled transportation for my father to run errands. Eva was incredibly helpful as I had to coordinate from overseas. And our driver Willie was fantastic. He was super knowledgeable about getting around Alexandria, Arlington and D.C. And he was so kind to help carry packages to the house and the end. We’ll definitely schedule again.” -Travis B.


We are an elite and award-winning travel assistance agency that is happy to be your doctor’s appointment transportation service provider. Contact us today with any questions or concerns related to appointment assistance that you may have.