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Medical Appointments Assistance & Your Private Travel Assistant

Air & ground transportation assistance tailored just for your needs 

Travel Companion & Travel Assistance Services

Our Services Include:

* Elite travel companion services

* Exceptional travel assistance services tailored to your needs

* Professional travel partners and coordination of events at final destination

* Personal assistance services for business travelers

* Holiday travel companions 

* Medical tourism and medical travel companions

Nobody wants to travel alone and we therefore offer travel companion services tailored to your needs and itinerary. If you are in need of a professional travel companion, you should contact us directly today at 877-453-1807 or send us a direct request for a quote to: travel@assistancewithtravel.com 

Case Samples:

* You are traveling for business to Chicago for two weeks to close a potential multi-million dollar deal. You need a personal travel assistant at all times who can assist you with things such as taking notes during meetings, drafting memos, scheduling restaurants and dinners for clients, arranging on-time transportation, coordinating events, and taking care of all the small tasks that take up a lot of time.That is when you call award-winning Travel Assistance LLC at 877-453-1807 and book your travel assistant today.  

* You have recently retired and want to travel to Greece to see ruins but you don't want to travel alone.You can call us and we can arrange a travel companion who will travel with you as your holiday travel partner.Your travel companion will take notes for you, research ancient ruins, and go with you everywhere in Greece as a friend and as a travel partner. 

* An elderly person wants to go and see his or her grandchildren as a surprise for Christmas. However, it is somewhat challenging to travel alone across the country. That's when you call us and a travel companion will be there to assist you all the way.

* Nobody really has time to pick up a loved one across the country for a special event.That's when you call us and we will assist your loved one all way to your front-door for a welcoming gathering.  

* Someone in your family is visually impaired and you are worried about this individual traveling all alone to see you abroad. Call us today for non-emergency travel assistance and we will arrange air and ground transportation, along with traveling with your dear one all the way to your house. We assist visually impaired people with their air travel and travel with them in-person so to make their journeys less stressful. A travel assistant provides guardedly travel assistance therefore to the person in need.

* You are going to South Korea to receive world-renowned treatment for a non-emergency medical condition.You are in need a travel assistant that can be there with you and be there for you. All you have to do is book us today and we will be sure to travel with you. 

We are available on a 24-hour notice and we will do everything we can to accommodate your special requests.

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