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Impossible Without You

I travel in and out of DC regularly for work, and my schedule from the moment the plane lands to the moment I leave is usually packed. Being in a wheelchair, getting around would basically be impossible without these guys. Scheduling, driving, assistance, responsiveness, etc., is all top notch. I'm indebted to them for making what I do possible.

- Mike S.

Travel Service Reviews

Refreshingly Honest

They could not have sent a better driver. He was half an hour early and had one of the kindest personalities. He held my 100 year old mother's hand as if he was attending to his own mother. Just for the record, I asked him if his tip was included in the price, and he confirmed that it was. His honesty was most refreshing and it was my pleasure to tip him further for his respectful and professional service. We will call on Travel People in Need, and him, in the future.

- Bernard H.

Travel Service Reviews

Incredibly Helpful

I scheduled transportation for my father to run errands. Eva was incredibly helpful as I had to coordinate from overseas. And our driver Willie was fantastic. He was super knowledgeable about getting around Alexandria, Arlington and D.C. And he was so kind to help carry packages to the house and the end. We’ll definitely schedule again.

- Travis B.

Travel Service Reviews


Gideon arrived early and did a good job of loading my father into and out of the car.

- Joy J

Travel Service Reviews

Polite and Knowledgeable

You guys were wonderful! The driver was polite and knowledgeable and the service was excellent. Couldn't have asked for better. Thank you!

- Beth M.

Travel Service Reviews

Best in the Business!

You guys are definitely the best in the business.

- Amy S.