Terms And Conditions


PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS (“AGREEMENT” OR “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE TRAVEL AND/OR TRANSPORTATION ASSISTANCE SERVICES OFFERED BY TRAVEL PEOPLE IN NEED LLC AND/OR TRAVEL ASSISTANCE LLC AND ITS AFFILIATED PARTNERS. THESE ARE THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS (“AGREEMENT”) APPLICABLE TO THE PURCHASE OF TRAVEL ASSISTANCE SERVICES BETWEEN YOU (“CLIENT”, “YOU”, “END CLIENT,” “YOUR”, “IMMEDIATE FAMILY,” “EMPLOYEES,” “AFFILIATES: SUCH AS ANY INDIVIDUAL WHICH THE CLIENT HAS HAD A RELATIONSHIP WITH AT ANY GIVEN TIME PRIOR TO UTILZING TPIN SERVICES,” AND “TPIN” (“TRAVEL PEOPLE IN NEED LLC, OR TRAVEL ASSISTANCE LLC AND ITS AFFILIATED PARTNERS AND AGENTS, PERSONS, COMPANY REPRESENTATIVES, COMPANY, EMPLOYEES,) WHOM ARE EXPRESSELY HEREIN REFERRED TO AND DOCUMENTED AS “COMPANY,” “TPIN,” “OUR,” “WE,”THIS AGREEMENT IS BINDING BETWEEN TPIN AND CLIENT. “IMMEDIATE FAMILY” ARE HEREIN MEMBERS defined as: CLIENT or Client’s immediate family members such as: spouse, child, parent, sister, brother, stepparent, stepchild, stepsister, stepbrother, grandparent, grandchild, step grandparent, step grandchild, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brotherin-law and sister-in-law, and/or employees and/or affiliates such as any individual which the Client has had a relationship with at any given time prior to utilizing TPIN services WHO WILLFULLY HEREBY AGREE TO ADHERE AND BE HELD LEGALLY COMPLIANT BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CONTAINED HEREIN.TPIN will at its own sole discretion change or modify existing terms and conditions and reserves the right to do so without notifying the existing or prospective Clients. Your continued business with TPIN will constitute an agreement and understanding of such changes to the terms and conditions.


Your total rate is calculated based on information provided to TPIN at the time of reservation. Your total rate may vary in comparison to other Client’s given rates due to unique situational differences and your rate is quoted in the dominating currency of USD and may not include taxes and transaction fees associated with the final amount. Please be advised that your final amount is therefore subject to change based on taxes and transaction costs affiliated with your transaction. All wire transfers must account for any given currency fluctuations at the time of reservations, subject to change based on time and date in the event of international transfers. Cash is not an acceptable method of payment for TPIN services and this will not be accepted by TPIN, its affiliated agents, persons or employees. It is the Client’s responsibility to pay for a minimum charge up- that is due at time of reservation constituting the minimum of 1 hours for TPIN travel and/or transportation assistance services and should the duration of travel/event exceed the minimum, the additional charges will occur after the travel assistance or personal concierge specialist event and/or pre-arranged time has been completed. Clients have the option to utilize different payment methods and TPIN reserves the right to charge credit and debit cards if requested to do so from a remote location such as telephonically, and is entrusted to notify Client of any additional charges (such as longer than planned travel assistance appointments or events or other unexpected costs associated with travel assistance arrangements) after having provided assistance to Clients incurred during the time of travel and related to expense claim containing receipts to document additional travel costs such as those related to, but not limited to: food, luggage charges, taxi fares, airplane tickets, sedan services, limo or passenger-for hire transportation services, or other airline and/or vehicle sharing related services and companies excess surcharges, and/or emergency needs such as legal, medical, lost luggage coverage, and/or loss of personal items such as passports). Client may be sued for collections actions plus attorney fees related to the event of payment declined for services provided by and carried out in good faith by TPIN.


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless TPIN, its affiliated agents and employees, and third party companies used for travel assistance business purposes, from and against any loss, damage, or liability, unexpected cost or excessive expense of any kind, including but not limited to attorneys’ fees, incurred by TPIN in connection with a third party claim, seek to attain, demand or otherwise, as a result of, consequentially arising due to, related to or otherwise in connection with the actual or alleged violation of any intellectual property rights maintained through or by a third party or subsequently arising as a result of (i) any services provided to you in respect to travel assistance throughout the time of travel assistance required (ii) your use of any of the services provided by TPIN specifically related to your agreement that is binding between TPIN and Client prior to paying for its services due to having read and understood the terms and conditions. You hereby irrevocably and unconditionally consent to use and give exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts located in Washington D.C. regarding and due to any legal dispute that may arise at all due to these terms and conditions or related to your agreements with TPIN. 


You must never try to jeopardize, gain unrestricted access to, destroy, sabotage, tamper with, or abuse any travel assistance services or areas of travel assistance services provided to you by TPIN. You hereby consent that you are not authorized to access, change or tamper with information on, that which is obtained from the usage of our travel assistance services, harm or destroy or socially misrepresent or defame any content or employee, including third parties related to TPIN or its affiliates. Client and/or immediate family and/or acting persons must not abuse the services offered by TPIN, steal business intelligence, steal confidential Client or company information, seek to extract data such as contact and email addresses available from TPIN service providers, nor allow any spam or other unsolicited marketing and/or advertising which may make it look like TPIN may have endorsed you for any purpose except as permitted in the terms and conditions as set forth above between TPIN and Client and/or immediate family members, and their affiliates. Client and/or client’s immediate family and/or employees and/or affiliates such as any individual which the Client has had a relationship with at any given time prior to utilizing TPIN services may not at any time start a competing business, either domestically or internationally, like that of TPIN’s business, business model, governing intellectual property rights, governing copyrights, or governing business services provided. Client and/or Client’s immediate family and/or employees, and/or affiliates must not unlawfully copy, emulate, nor take any accredited alias through an agent or under any pretext misrepresent TPIN or the services provided. Client and/or Client’s immediate family, and/or employees, and/or affiliates may not use TPIN or its affiliated companies’ logos, ideas, business models including copyrights, statements, examples, or usage of TPIN ideas. In the event that these terms and conditions are unenforceable, or certain provisions or statements within these terms and conditions are considered objectionable, TPIN still maintains the right to enforce remaining terms and conditions and provisions as granted by jurisdiction in which any provisions may be challenged for their meanings or content stipulations.


At the time of scheduled arrival of TPIN for travel assistance services, all Clients must present a valid form of identification in the person’s name. TPIN reserves the right to not assist with travel assistance nor vehicle- sharing services and immediately terminate all travel assistance services if Client refuses to show a valid form of identification such as Driver’s License, Passport, U.S. Military identification card, or other legal forms of identification cards that accurately reflects the address of scheduled travel assistance services start location. In the event that a family member is not able to sign the service agreements, terms and conditions, and/or any documents related to utilizing TPIN services, “Immediate Family” member over the legal age of 18 may book in good faith and with the consent of end-user of TPIN travel assistance services whom has willingly agreed to this with immediate family member. Client understands and respects that TPIN has an absolute zero-tolerance of anything that may be deemed unprofessional by TPIN employees at the given time and location of travel assistance being provided, and Client will not be refunded in the event of immediate evacuation or cancellation resulting from inappropriate actions towards TPIN and/or TPIN employees and company representatives, or that which TPIN employee finds unsafe or unlawful during the tenure of travel assistance services being provided. Client will be held financially responsible for any additional costs that may arise from any emergency situation whereby TPIN has to, for the sake of good order, leave Client immediately without any notice, including but not limited to travel and legal costs incurred as result of unlawful or degrading maltreatment of TPIN employees or TPIN affiliates. TPIN may modify or remove any TPIN representative from the service at any time without notice to you due to actions that we believe to be inappropriate or verbally and/or physically abusive, sexually condescending, degrading of human rights as defined by location’s federal, state and local laws. TPIN is not liable for any such changes, suspension, removal of employees or its affiliated partners, nor discontinuance of providing travel assistance services or for any purpose that is harmful or unintended or other than in full compliance with these terms and conditions.


You hereby expressively understand, comprehend and agree that the information, services or other items and travel assistance services provided, or made available by TPIN such as third party vehicle sharing services are provided “as is” without any express or implied warranty of any kind. TPIN makes no warranty that its travel assistance services will be provided in an accurate nor timely fashion or manner, nor does TPIN make any warrant that its travel assistance services be provided without any defects or without errors of some form, nor that third party intellectual property or proprietary rights are not infringed upon. TPIN cannot and will not warrant that your use of the services provided and the consequences thereof always meet your expectations in the aftermath of travel assistance services provided and Client understands and agrees to this. If you do not agree to our terms and conditions, please refrain from using our travel assistance services. 


To the fullest extent permitted by the prevailing laws of the District of Columbia, in absolutely no event whatsoever shall TPIN or TPIN company representative be held legally accountable nor liable to you or any third party whatsoever for any damages incurred during the travel and/or transportation services provided, including but not limited to any indirect, direct, extraordinary, or legally damaging consequences that may arise from utilizing TPIN services whatsoever, including but not limited to, third party vehicle sharing services or airline services provided throughout the travel assistance services, hotel, road, nor travel or traffic-related incidents or accidents of any type whatsoever. TPIN and its affiliated agents, persons, or employees are not responsible and you may not seek to hold us accountable for any tragic or unlawful events that may occur during the time of travel assistance services being provided such as those related to but not limited to: arrangement of transportation services, arrangement of events or travel assistance, travel delay, flight cancellations, flight crashes and/or malfunctions, personal injury, vehicle sharing services malfunctions and/or accidents, disasters, national emergencies, acts of God, weather disruptions, loss of life, injury, medical emergencies or non-medical emergencies and therefore travelers and/or end-clients may not seek medical expenses coverage nor insurance nor legal claims against TPIN in the aftermath of any event that is not in accordance with the Client’s travel or transportation or itinerary needs or expectations, nor may Client seek restitution or damage related sums from TPIN due to accidental occurrence (s). TPIN may not be sued by Client nor held legally accountable for sudden death, sudden injury, sudden acts which supersedes its travel assistance package to Client and are not within TPIN control such as medical, environmental, or travel accidents and/or failures or any other form of unfortunate events during the duration of TPIN’s professional travel assistance services involving endClient(s) or anything that may be perceived as negative experience, negligence or disruptions of any kinds to end clients during the and/or after the use of TPIN travel assistance services. Any legal disputes that may occur or arise due to disagreements and/or services provided by TPIN, and/or accusations or lawsuits suing TPIN LLC’s affiliates, all associated costs will be paid for by Client (s) and be subjected to legal proceedings as set forth by the prevailing Laws and Courts of the District of Columbia. Clients will not engage TPIN in its activities pertaining to lawsuits of third parties involved. TPIN reserves the right to not be held responsible for any additional costs subsequently arising from unexpected or extreme weather and/or environmental occurrence possibly incurred by Client and/or immediate family member (s). It is the sole responsibility of Client and/or Client’s immediate family or assigned medical doctor and his or her affiliates, or care-givers to ensure Client’s medical needs are being met during the duration of the travel assistance services being provided by TPIN.


In the Greater Washington D.C. Area, TPIN professional travel and/or transportation assistance services are provided on a minimum constituting 1-hour reservation at the time of reservations. Client may cancel travel assistance services up to 24 hours before scheduled pick-up. TPIN reserves the right to cancel and/or terminate any travel assistance services related activities related to Client and/or your immediate family if applicable law and sound judgment requires us to cancel or terminate travel assistance based on travel hazards/ weather or safety related conditions. TPIN will try to re-schedule appointments or events cancellations, and it is at the sole discretion of Client whether or not to choose to use travel assistance services after unfortunate weather or other cancellations have occurred. Should Client choose to continue with re-scheduling travel and/or transportation assistance services provided by TPIN, TPIN will do so at no additional costs.