Tips for Traveling with Kids

airplane aisle with passengers seated

Traveling with kids, no matter the age, can get a bit tricky. It is difficult for children to not only sit still for hours on end during travel time, but then arrive at an unusual place. Below are a few quick tricks to help make traveling with kids a bit easier for you and your spouse.



Bring Medicine

Don’t forget to pack the allergy meds for kids that are prone to allergies, nausea medication for car or plane sickness, pain killers in case a child gets a fever or injured. Medication may be your saving grace in a number of unhappy situations while traveling.


Baby Wipes For All

It does not matter the age of the child, if they are eating something, things are bound to get messy. Since it is smart to bring snacks on a plane or car ride you will also want to bring the all important baby wipes, to help with cleanup afterwards.


Use Apps on a Tablet

Rather than bring a bunch of toys that take up extra space in the car, or in a carry on, bring each child a tablet (there are a number of fairly inexpensive ones available for purchase). Download a bunch of new games and apps for them just before you leave to ensure that they will have hours of entertainment in one single handheld device.


Bring Snacks

Bring lots of different kinds of snacks; cheese, pretzels, bagels, fruit, veggie sticks, etc. Don’t rely on sweets to do the snacking job. If you pile your kids up on sweets during the car ride or flight, they will be on a sugar high by the time you arrive (or even worse, before you arrive).


One Person Plan and the Other Pack

Rather than having you and your spouse both do a little of the packing and a little of the planning, separate the jobs and give one job to you, and the other to your spouse. This makes it easier down the road because the one who does the packing will know where everything is and can simply, and easily find things. This also means that the other person knows where the receipts are, where the check in forms are, etc., and no one has to panic about which email confirmations were sent to or what purse/bag they are hiding in.




Pack Pull Ups

If your child is at potty training age it is important to have pull ups on hand. You may not want to stop as many times as the child needs to “try” to go potty if you are on a long drive. And you may not have the opportunity to use the airplane restroom as many times as the toddler may need to. Plan ahead and have the child wear pull ups just for the ride.


Get A Child GPS

Kids don’t like wearing leashes, holding hands can get tricky, and being stuck in a stroller or backpack can cause tantrums. It might just be worth the money to invest in a child tracking system that will allow you to easily relocate a child that has slipped out of site.


Make Time for Time

When traveling with a child of any age even the simplest of things take more time, but this seems even further exaggerated with a toddler. So be sure to give yourself plenty of time to pack, to get through airport security if you are flying, and simply to get from point A to point B.


There will be temper tantrums, potty breaks, and slow toddler feet that will suck up time more than you expect, so plan ahead for it!




Play Games

With older kids you can play games where you make up stories, you can play alphabet games, or even come up with some good stories/sightseeing adventures you might have when you arrive at your destination.


Digital Books

Either rent a CD from the library with a new book, or download an app like Audible to the kids’ phones or tablets. This lets them sit for a few hours listening to a new and interesting story.