Top 10 Places for Seniors to Visit

There is no better time to travel than in the golden years of life. With plenty of money saved up from years of working, and an abundant amount of leisure time, it has never been easier to get out and see the world. But where should you go?


At Travel People in Need, we understand that travel for senior citizens can be very different than traveling was at a younger age. You have different tastes as you get older, different abilities, and a different pace than you used to. For that reason we have compiled this list of the top 10 places for seniors to visit. So grab your travel buddy and start seeing the world today!

#1- Alaska, USA

beautiful landscape of Alaska

Mountains on Admiralty Island, Alaska, By Joseph, Feb 14, 2009

Experience America’s last great frontier; with stunning mountain views, glaciers, and scenic wildlife, alaska has something to offer for every activity level. There are opportunities for hiking, fishing, whale watching, shopping, and wildlife tours.

One of the best ways to see Alaska is by cruise ship; these ships allow you to take in all of the state’s rustic beauty while living in the comfort of a city at sea.



#2 Florida Keys, Florida

sunset in the Florida Keys

If you are looking for rest, relaxation, warm sun, and beautiful beaches, then it is time to discover the Florida Keys. Nestled just off the coast of Florida, this chain of islands offers peace and relaxation like no other. Golf on beautiful greens, read on a secluded beach, or take a sailboat ride out on the pristine, emerald water. In the Florida Keys you can’t go wrong.



#3- Paris, France

skyline view of Paris France and the Eiffel tower

Paris, By Moyan Brenn, Sept 3, 2007


The city of lights is the perfect vacation for seniors looking for a cultural experience unlike any other. Stroll the ancient city streets, eat world class food, and visit dozens of museums with work from some of the most famous artists of all time.

#4 Sydney, Australia
Sydney Opera House in Australia

By Hai Linh Truong, Feb 17, 2008


The Sydney Opera House may be one of the most recognized landmarks of the Sydney landscape, but trust us, there are plenty of other reasons to visit. With beautiful botanical gardens, ocean walks, and even the chance to hold a live koala, Sydney has no shortage of activities to offer.



#5- The Grand Canyon, Arizona


view of the Grand Canyon

As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand canyon is a sight that can not be missed. Breathtaking scenic vistas of the canyon’s majestic red and yellow walls are available to senior travelers at only a short walk’s distance. We recommend visiting the Grand Canyon during the Fall or Spring, when temperatures aren't so severe, and less tourists are present.



#6- Niagara Falls, New York/ Ontario

Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada

Niagara Falls truly is a sight that needs to be seen to grasp the full extension of its beauty. It is one of the largest waterfalls in the world, and is one of the most visually impressive as well. We recommend taking the mist boat tour to see the falls up close, and truly appreciate their power and magnitude.


#7- London, England

palace of Westminster in London

The Palace of Westminster, Big Ben and Westminster Bridge, By Diliff

London is a truly remarkable city of travel for senior citizens. Treat yourself like true royalty while visiting the Tower of London, eat at world renowned restaurants, and see some of the best theatres in the world. If you want culture and history, London is the place to visit.



#8- Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming

By Brocken Ingalory, Own Work

Yellowstone offers a truly unique National Park experience; there are numerous guided excursion that make it easy for seniors to see natural hot springs, geysers, and exotic wildlife. To make things even better, seniors can buy a $10 lifetime pass to visit any National Park for free including Yellowstone.



#9 Hawaii, Hawaii

black sand beach in Hawaii, Hawaii

By Michael, Sept 21, 2006

Escape to a tropical island paradise on the Big Island of Hawaii. Unlike other Hawaiian islands that are packed with tourists, the Big Island is left relatively untouched. With pristine black sand beaches, fascinating archeological sites, and miles of open space to enjoy, there is plenty to love about the Big Island.



#10- St. George, Utah

gorgeous view of St. George in Southern Utah

Snow Canyon State Park, Near St. George, Utah By Ken Lund, Oct 1, 2005


With warm temperatures practically year round, and pristine red rock formations in every direction, it is no wonder that St. George made it to the list of the best places for senior travel. Take a stroll to historic downtown, or get adventurous and head to the nearby Snow Canyon State Park, or Zion National Park to see amazing lava flows, natural rock formations, and archaeological sites.

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