Uber and Lyft Fail in Wheelchair Transportation

close up of a man in a wheelchair

Recently Uber and Lyft have encountered a rift with claims of disability discrimination. These concerns have put these companies in a bad light. After a lawsuit, these companies attempted to make amends.


The Lawsuit

In the spring of 2015, Uber and Lyft both had lawsuits filed against them (some jointly) for discrimination against the disabled. Many individuals came forward with negative experiences when using these apps. One woman claims the driver could not fit her wheelchair in the car and simply left her on the curb. Both companies insisted that they do not discriminate, even stating that their policies mention proper conduct of passengers with wheelchairs.


Making Amends

With multiple lawsuits being filed and the negative publicity rising, it became clear to Uber and Lyft that changes needed to be made. These companies began working with states to meet regulations in order to keep operating. Virginia state now requires all transportation apps to run background checks on their drivers, obtain a level of insurance for all drivers, and there can be no discrimination against any type of disability. Uber and Lyft now offer wheelchair transportation options in many cities, but not all. Despite the efforts being made, it seems the trust between these companies and the disabled community may be irreparably damaged.


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