What Is A Travel Companion?

Tips on How to Find the Right One for You


Traveling is exciting and full of new experiences, people, places, sights, and sounds; however, it unfortunately also often involves a lot of stress. Whether you are a businessman traveling overseas to close a crucial deal in a new country, or someone with a disability that makes traveling especially hard, a travel companion could be the answer to the stress and headaches of your trip.


What is a travel companion?

A travel companion is much what you would imagine it as; professional traveling companions are meant to be an assistant and partner for individuals making trips around the world, or across the country. They can be helpful in a variety of ways from translating to event management and transportation assistance.


When do you need a travel companion?

There are a variety of situations in which travel companions can offer assistance and be a benefit to your travels, allowing you to leave the stress behind and enjoy the journey.


Business Meetings

Traveling for business generally includes meetings to coordinate, and high stakes business deals to finalize, all while in an unfamiliar place, and often in an unfamiliar language. Finding the right travel companion for your trip will provide you with the peace of mind needed to better focus on important work, while your companion organizes meetings and translates for you.



Airports and public transportation in a new place can be difficult and stressful for anyone, but for those with physical disabilities the stress and worry can be a barrier to traveling at all. Consider those who are visually impaired, or someone who requires the use of a wheelchair. These people may have a difficult time maneuvering their way through a busy airport, especially during the chaos of holiday travel. A travel companion offers a solution; with the help of our friendly companions, navigating an exciting new city, or simply making it from airport A to airport B where family is readily available becomes not only possible but easy.

woman in a wheelchair being helped into a car blind man being helped across the street


That special trip has been in the plan for years, you now finally have the courage and money to take it, but there’s one thing holding you back-- you don’t have someone to go with. Finding a travel companion could mean finally taking off on that flight and seeing the sights you’ve only dreamt of. A travel companion will not only help you feel safe along the way, but provide you with someone to experience all the joys of the journey with.


How do you find the right companion?

This is where Travel People in Need can help! Contact us to learn more about letting us do the work for you; finding the right traveling companion to meet your needs on the next business trip or vacation you take.